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About Us

History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Founded in 1963 by Mr. Paul Trousdale, Valley of the Temples Memorial Park has served the community by providing a place of peace and serenity for loved ones.

Located on the Windward side of Oahu, the cemetery is nestled in a cleft of the Pali and home to wild peacocks and hundreds of Japanese koi carp swim in our waters. The property is surrounded by a natural amphitheater of mountains which overlook the ocean. The views from Inspiration Chapel are spectacular.

The cemetery's gardens honor many faiths including Christianity and Buddhism. A replica of Japan's 950-year-old Byodo-In stands in the Temple of Equality. The original, made of wood, stands in Uji, on the outskirts of Kyoto; the Hawaiian version, made of concrete, was erected in 1968 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the first Japanese immigrants to Hawaii.

Our Valued Staff

Dennis Boser Jr.

Dennis Boser Jr., Area Operations Director

Cherie Akina

Cherie Akina, Office Manager

Scott  Bell

Scott Bell, Safety & Services Manager

Ryan Kozuma

Ryan Kozuma, Assistant General Manager

Judy Barnes

Judy Barnes, Gift Shop Manager

Ben  Bugarin

Ben Bugarin, General Superintendent

Bishop Fukuhara

Bishop Fukuhara, Byodo-In Temple

Jill Talakai

Jill Talakai, Senior Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Marinda Pacyau

Marinda Pacyau, Clerical & Admin Specialist

Minda Agapay

Minda Agapay, Clerical & Admin Specialist

Sharmaine Gladys Agapay-Bonoan

Sharmaine Gladys Agapay-Bonoan, Clerical & Admin Specialist

Agnes Bolosan

Agnes Bolosan, Clerical & Admin Specialist

Gina Ramos

Gina Ramos, Admin & Clerical Specialist

Julia Summo

Julia Summo, Receptionist

Naomi Hanawahine

Naomi Hanawahine, Receptionist

Cassia Carvalho-Palado

Cassia Carvalho-Palado, Receptionist

Jane Tibuyen

Jane Tibuyen, Family Service Counselor

Cathy Lau

Cathy Lau, Community Service Counselor

Louie Funtanilla

Louie Funtanilla, Family Service Counselor

Teal Lopez

Teal Lopez, Family Service Counselor

Brian Baker

Brian Baker, Family Service Counselor

Mamie Collins

Mamie Collins, Family Service Counselor

Leif Choi

Leif Choi, Family Service Counselor

Leann Kaawa

Leann Kaawa, Family Service Counselor

Desiree Maldonado

Desiree Maldonado, Family Service Supervisor

Blaise Evans Heneralau

Blaise Evans Heneralau, Family Service Counselor

Paul Park

Paul Park, Community Service Counselor

Sharlene Fujisato

Sharlene Fujisato, Community Service Counselor

Necy Quiddaoen

Necy Quiddaoen, Clerical & Administrative Specialist

Joey Paraan

Joey Paraan, Community Service Counselor

Jordanee Kanei

Jordanee Kanei, Gift Shop Associate

Dane Konishi

Dane Konishi, Community Service Counselor

Tricia Iseri

Tricia Iseri, Community Service Counselor

Ernie Asuncion

Ernie Asuncion, Community Service Counselor

Wendy Yezzi

Wendy Yezzi, Community Counselor

Harumi Murayama

Harumi Murayama, Community Service Counselor

Kevin Muryama

Kevin Muryama, Community Service Counselor

Karen Ostborg

Karen Ostborg, Community Service Counselor

Jaelee  Heupel

Jaelee Heupel, Clerical and Administrative Specialist

William Kostron

William Kostron, Funeral Service Counselor

Marites Hokama

Marites Hokama, Community Service Counselor

Daniel  Chinn

Daniel Chinn, Community Service Counselor

Anthony Luciano

Anthony Luciano, Community Service Counselor

Les Meyers

Les Meyers, Community Service Counselor

Judeline Espiritu

Judeline Espiritu, Community Service Counselor

Cathy Smith Wong

Cathy Smith Wong, Community Service Counselor

Fred Collins

Fred Collins, Community Service Counselor

Cecilia Erlinda Rafanan

Cecilia Erlinda Rafanan, Community Service Counselor

Lucy Cablay

Lucy Cablay, Community Service Counselor

Roselynn Fernandez

Roselynn Fernandez, Community Service Counselor

Pacita Young

Pacita Young, Community Service Supervisor

Eleanor S Simon

Eleanor S Simon, Community Service Counselor

Michael C.N Sum

Michael C.N Sum, Community Service Counselor

Akiyo Miyamoto

Akiyo Miyamoto, Community Service Counselor

Kyoko Kawachi

Kyoko Kawachi, Community Service Counselor

Kellie Agno

Kellie Agno, Community Service Counselor

Fely Mariano

Fely Mariano, Community Service Counselor

Filomena Alhambra

Filomena Alhambra, Community Service Counselor

Germana Julian

Germana Julian, Community Service Counselor

Abigael Jose

Abigael Jose, Community Service Counselor

Gil Campbell

Gil Campbell, Community Service Counselor

Janet Lau

Janet Lau, Community Service Counselor

Leonila Ramirez

Leonila Ramirez, Community Service Counselor

Lydia Ventayen

Lydia Ventayen, Community Service Counselor

Maggie Damingo

Maggie Damingo, Community Service Counselor

Remie Carlos

Remie Carlos, Community Service Counselor

Ben Allen

Ben Allen, Safety & Services Associate

Makana Chaffee

Makana Chaffee, Safety & Services Associate

Jared Bauske

Jared Bauske, Safety & Services Associate

Jason Kamanu

Jason Kamanu, Safety & Services Associate

Bonifacia M Destacamento

Bonifacia M Destacamento, Housekeeper

Jesusa Cabie

Jesusa Cabie, Housekeeper

Antonina Delos Santos

Antonina Delos Santos, Housekeeping

Bonifacio Agapay

Bonifacio Agapay, Cemetery Caretaker

Francis Agustin

Francis Agustin, Cemetery Caretaker

Gabriel Bumanglag

Gabriel Bumanglag, Cemetery Caretaker

Goldwin Nastor

Goldwin Nastor, Cemetery Caretaker

Jimmy  De Los Santos

Jimmy De Los Santos, Cemetery Caretaker

Jimmy Tajon

Jimmy Tajon, Cemetery Caretaker

Jose Sarmiento

Jose Sarmiento, Cemetery Caretaker

Prudencio Bautista

Prudencio Bautista, Cemetery Caretaker

Tomas Estralilla Jr.

Tomas Estralilla Jr., Cemetery Caretaker

Edmund Pagdilao

Edmund Pagdilao, Cemetery Caretaker

Troy Garcia

Troy Garcia, Cemetery Caretaker

Geronimo Pagdilao

Geronimo Pagdilao, Cemetery Caretaker & Maintenance

Mariano Acdal

Mariano Acdal, Maintenance

Mario Viloria

Mario Viloria, Maintenance

Mariano Destacamento

Mariano Destacamento, Maintenance

Christen Kealoha

Christen Kealoha, Gift Shop Associate

Evan Takahana

Evan Takahana, Gift Shop Associate

Jenny Marshall

Jenny Marshall, Gift Shop Associate

Sara Quitt

Sara Quitt, Seminar Coordinator

Jonah Ganzagan

Jonah Ganzagan, Security

Kawika Cambra

Kawika Cambra, Security

Luther Harris

Luther Harris, Security