Lucky 8-8 Savings

Aug. 01, 2019 Aug. 19, 2019


Prearrange and Save!

20% on Funeral Packages*
20% on Cemetery Property*
Plus an additional $ 500 discount on
cemetery property if purchased
between 8/1 and 8/19

For more information call 808.638.4675

A Chinese Traditional - Now Everyone Can Save

Many cultures associate with numerology, but none more so than the Chinese, where certain numbers hold a special meaning as they are believed to be auspicious. Some numbers hold more significance than others because of their double meaning, believed to bring good fortune and luck.

Numerology has long dictated luck for the Chinese. When purchasing a home, picking out a phone number, or even selecting cemetery property, the luckiest numbers or best day of the best month are often chosen.

One of the most auspicious is Chinese word for the number eight which is pronounced ba, which sounds similar the Chinese word meaning wealth, fortune and prosperity which is pronounced fa. The number 8 is considered to be perfectly symmetrical and in balance. Not only was 08/08/08 a day there were a record number of weddings, but it was also the date the Olympic Games started in Beijing.

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