Chinese Watercolor – Daniel Wang

About the Artist, Daniel Wang

He is an exceptional artist, born in Shanghai, now resides in Honolulu. Daniel’s keen, sensitive eye combined with his gifted, skillful hands produce some of the Chinese watercolors available today. Exhibitions of his work have been held in Hong Kong of China, San Francisco, Canada, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Singapore receiving widespread recognition.

Treat yourself to a visual experience you won’t forget. Whether you prefer gushing waterfalls, romantic moonlit nights, singing birds, patient fishermen, or blossoms bursting with color, a pleasant feeling of peace and serenity may fill your heart. Daniel’s love of nature is expressed magnificently in each unique painting.

Exceptional works of art must have vitality and life, expressing the artist’s deepest emotional and intuitive senses. Daniel’s favorite technique is one which he developed utilizing the palm of his hand. This enables him to transmit more intense inner emotions into his work. Every painting is created with the finest materials to ensure lasting beauty. The brilliant hues you see today will last 300 years from now, providing an excellent heirloom to be treasured by future generations.

Invest in beauty and share with others the heartfelt satisfaction that may be attained by owning a Daniel Wang painting.

Event Information

Where: Byodo-In Temple
Event Hours: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Available January Days:

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