Just a few generations ago, there were few questions about where someone would be buried. It may have been a churchyard, a plot on family land or in the local cemetery, but the spot was typically not up for discussion.

Today, there are many more options available, which can make deciding difficult. Some people choose not to think about their final resting place, leaving it to their loved ones to make that decision after they've died.

Experts say that a place of remembrance can help bring closure, allowing people to move through their grief and along the path toward healing. Whether you're choosing a place for your loved one or preplanning for your own end-of-life needs, it should be a place where quiet reflection is encouraged, where natural beauty is abundant and where people feel comfortable and connected to the loved one who has passed away. It's important to choose a place of lasting beauty that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

At Valley of the Temples, we are proud of the spectacular beauty of our memorial park. This 240-acre oasis features a Zen garden, wild peacocks, a meditation pavilion and a reflection pond full of Japanese koi carp. It's also home to Byodo-In Temple, a majestic cultural landmark that represents not only Hawaii's rich heritage but also its connection to Japan.

Since 1963, people have gravitated to our beautiful gardens in one of the most beautiful memorial parks on earth. At Valley of the Temples, we believe in the importance of memorializing a life well lived, and can help you arrange the ideal memorial for your immediate need. We're also experts in preplanning for your own end-of-life celebration. Drop by for a tour of our spectacular property, call us at (808) 725-2798 or visit our website for more information.