Are you looking for a unique and meaningful way to honor your loved one's memory? Valley of the Temples is proud to partner with the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative, offering families a way to celebrate and honor their loved ones while supporting Hawaiian reforestation.   

At one time, the Hawaiian Islands were blanketed in Koa forests. Unfortunately, they have been nearly eliminated from the lower elevations.  

Through the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative, you can give the gift of a living legacy through the sponsorship of an endemic Legacy Tree. Program participants receive a beautifully embossed certificate, and a King Koa tree is planted in memory of the person they designate. Part of your donation to support this program will also go to the charity of your choice.  

The King Koa is an exceptionally beautiful Hawaiian hardwood tree that can grow to 100 feet tall and four feet in diameter. It can be polished to such a deep luster that it's long been a prized resource for creating heirloom furniture in a variety of shades.  

The Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative is working to restore Hawaii's forest to their former glory. It seeks to: 

  • Promote the reforestation of Hawaii forest land, using the species of trees and plants that originally grew in these locations
  • Assist in watershed protection and habitat expansion for native species
  • Participate in and fund research of Hawaiian plant and animal life
  • Acquire land and conservation easements in order to plant native trees and plants
  • Promote an understanding of resource management  

These are all worthy goals, and that's why Valley of the Temples is thrilled to be a part of the Legacy Tree Program. If you'd like to learn more about honoring your loved one while supporting the Hawaiian ecosystem, call (808) 725-2798