At Valley of the Temples, we believe in honoring the veterans and first responders who are our true American heroes. We provide a veteran's tribute funeral package that truly honors the life lived and service rendered — and we're also proud to offer American Hero discounts that help alleviate the financial burden on families at a difficult time in their lives.

Available to law officers, firefighters, military group members and their spouses, there are three levels of discounts:

  • American Hero Gold Plan for Pre-arranged Services: This plan features a 20% discount on burial spaces and other services.
  • American Hero Silver Plan for At-Need Services: With this plan, a 10% discount is offered on burial spaces and other services.
  • American Hero Platinum Service for Fallen Heroes: Our most comprehensive plan, this service provides a burial space and other services free of charge for those who have fallen in the line of duty.

In addition to burial spaces, the American Hero discount covers interment services, outer burial container, memorial, casket, the professional services of our funeral director and staff, and cremation.

These plans are among the many ways Valley of the Temples demonstrates our commitment to honoring veterans and first responders. We also provide services with full military honors, including the presence of an honor guard, a flag-draped casket, the presentation of the flag to the family, a rifle volley, and the playing of Taps. In addition, a Veteran Tribute Memorial Package that is part of our Signature Services℠ features a memorial book made with the same uniform and logo of the service branch, thank-you cards, a special pen and a beautiful wooden flag case.

For nearly 60 years, Valley of the Temples has been committed to providing exceptional service. With a reputation built on quality, honesty and integrity, we strive to honor each person's life while respecting the wishes of every family. Call (808) 725-2798 to learn more about all we have to offer.