When a loved one dies, it's a painful time for all involved. If you're planning the funeral, you'll want to look for ways to honor your loved one while you help everyone who loved that person begin to heal.  

There are often many details to work out, including decisions about music, readings, speakers, a final resting place, a reception and much more.  

One special element of a meaningful service is the memorial DVD: 

  • Creating the DVD gives you the gift of time. You'll need to set aside some quiet time to go through photos and videos for the DVD, which can be cathartic. Reliving memories of your loved one through photos and mementos can help you find your own path to healing. 
  • A memorial DVD has many applications. It can be shown at the visitation, funeral or reception to remind people of the personality and life of the person they loved. 
  • After the service, the DVD can help people feel a sense of inclusion in the day. It can be shown after the service to those who couldn't attend. It can also be viewed by family members over the years to help them feel close to their loved one.  
  • A memorial DVD makes a beautiful keepsake for the family. Even future generations can feel closer to the person who has died by watching this meaningful tribute.  

You can make a memorial DVD for a loved one's funeral, but you can also ask to have one made for your own. It's just one of the little personal touches that are easy to include when you preplan for your own future need. When you preplan, your loved ones will know exactly how you wanted your service to be, down to the last detail. Preplanning also relieves them of the burden of having to make decisions for you.  

Valley of the Temples can help, whether you have an immediate need or are preplanning for the future. Call (808) 725-2798 for more information about Signature Services™ such as our memorial DVD or visit our Plan Ahead page.