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Suggestions for Expressing Your Sympathy to a Grieving Friend

Have you been invited to a funeral home or cemetery for the burial service of a friend's loved one? If so, then there are several steps that you can take to help console your friend and show him that you care. Watch this video for some suggestions for expressing your sympathy to a grieving friend.

Start by offering your friend your assistance with things like chores and transportation. Then, consider bringing by a meal, as the bereaved may not have time to cook during the funeral planning process. You can also offer him a hug, send flowers, and provide a listening ear. Sometimes just being physically present is a gift you can give your friend, to help the healing process.

The beautiful grounds at Valley of the Temples offer families a serene place to visit and a unique focal point for memorialization, to allow them space to grieve and help promote healing. If you need to arrange a funeral in Kaneohe, HI, then please feel free to contact us at (808) 725-2798.