Flowers are a beautiful tribute to the life of your loved one. They create a lovely atmosphere at the funeral and are representative of how much the person was loved and respected. Giving flowers is a wonderful way for people to offer condolences and show that they care.

So what do you do with them once the funeral is over?

Dry them and use them for potpourri, a shadow box or a memorial wreath. This is a lovely way to create a lasting keepsake to treasure. You can even give a shadow box or wreath to another friend or family member who cared for the person who has died.

Tuck them into other flower arrangements when occasions such as graduations or weddings happen close to the time of the funeral. This way, your loved one's presence can still be felt at these meaningful family occasions. It's a unique way to touch the heart of the person celebrating one of life's milestones.

Have them professionally made into a keepsake or jewelry. Flower petals can be made into all sorts of wearable keepsakes, from necklaces and bracelets to tie clips and pendants. This can be a wonderful way to give other family members meaningful pieces that keep your loved one near.

Leave them at the cemetery. In most cases, the headstone will not arrive to mark the grave site for quite a while. By leaving your flowers at the cemetery, you can temporarily use them to mark your loved one's final resting place. Be sure to remove any paper or wrapping that could blow away and become trash.

Donate them to a retirement home, hospice or hospital. Remove any indication that these blooms came from a funeral, and you can brighten someone's day.

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