When a loved one dies, it's important to find a way to remember and honor that memory. Most of us need a tangible touchpoint that we can look to and help resolve our feelings of loss and grief. One option that helps many people cope is art.  

People have always looked to beautiful things to help them honor their loved ones' memories. Think of all the stunning monuments and mausoleums across the globe, built to honor those we have lost. Mourning jewelry is another longstanding tradition for honoring our lost loved ones, from the Victorian brooches containing locks of hair to today's beautiful fingerprint pendants that allow us to forever remember a loved one's touch.  

Today, we have many beautiful options for memorialization. For example, there are skilled artists all over the world who are passionate about creating beauty from cremated remains. Some artists paint masterpieces using a special mixture of paint and cremated ashes. Others make beautiful sculptures using the remains swirled into a medium like glass. Cremation jewelry is another beautiful option because it allows people to feel that their loved ones are always near.  

Portraits of a loved one are another beautiful way to remember. Whether painted or photographic, they can make a lovely addition to the art in your home, and give you a place to pause, reflect and remember your loved one. Similarly, a DVD tribute is something you can cherish forever, and even share with future generations to help explain who your loved one was.  

At Valley of the Temples, we offer many different ways to memorialize your loved one. Some of these options include a DVD tribute, which can be played at the funeral and then given as a keepsake to the family, and a framed portrait, which can be displayed at the service before gracing the wall of your home.  

One of our standout options, though, is Artful Ashes. A group of artists works to capture the essence of those who have died, incorporating cremated remains into a beautiful piece of glass art with a swirl of color and ashes. These pieces are truly beautiful and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to represent your loved one's spirit.  

Whether you're looking for a unique memorialization option, or just want to plan a funeral, Valley of the Temples is here for you. Call us at (808) 725-2798 to learn more about all that we have to offer.