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  • Teri, Mahalo for all your help with my fathers-in-laws service. Love, S.C
  • I have been working with David George to resolve a funeral plan issue which my parents purchased a while back. David has been more than responsive with prompt and reliable follow up. Even if he was never involved with the original purchase he goes above and beyond in providing excellent service to us. He always returns phone calls and follows through. I know if he says he will check on something and call back, he will. He has proven this time and time again. Working with him has been a pleasure. J.R
  • I would like to take this time to express the compassionate and professionalism from Mr. George, whom I spoke with just last week. Because I live states side, I have been searching for more information on my grandfather. I was able to locate his burial at the Valley of the Temples. I called and spoke with Mr. George. He simply just did not say yes, he is buried here and left it at that. Mr. George gave me what information they have. It was very personal and emotional for me. With compassion he took the time to help me through the process and understood my situation. I was just a voice on the other end of the phone. He did not know me, but he knows family is family. He also sent a picture of his grave site and the beautiful hills his site overlooks. No one can image what these photos mean to me. I am so proud and grateful for all he has been able to help with and that my grandfather rest in such a beautiful place.. I know without a doubt he will be taken care of forever. Valley of the Temples employee are like family. They know those who rest there have family who can visit regularly and those visitors are also family. Thank you so much for everything you do for each and everyone you care for there at Valley of the Temples!Mahalo T.K.M
  • The most beautiful and tranquil cemetery I've ever seen. The view is majestic from afar and the temple is a must see.
  • I arrived at the cemetery today, 9/23/14 about 10:00am to visit by grandfather, J.L., buried in the Holy Cross area. Since it has been about 7 years since my last visit, I was unable to find his marker. There were 2 maintenance workers - unfortunately I did not get their names, preparing a burial site across the lawn. I guessed they noticed I was searching for a marker and walked my way to assist me. One worker suggested I contact the office and gave me the number to call...he also wanted me to let the receptionist know that they were there. Ms. Agnes answered and immediately gave me the site number to relay to the workers. Not only did they locate my grandfather, but one of them took out his vase which was a little stuck, and walked to the water faucet to fill it up. I was so amazed and thankful the maintenance workers were so considerate, helpful and full of aloha. Please find out who these two gentlemen are and recognize them for their outstanding customer service. If possible, may I have their names or some identifier that I may send a personal thank you note. I did not expect to receive such great service, especially since I was under a little stress from not able to locate my grandfather. Thank you.